There are many benifit to choosing Pet Sitting when you require your pets to be cared for while your away! These benifits may include:

  - Your pets get to stay in a secure, familiar environment

 - Avoiding the stress of being in a boarding kennel

 - Your fury friends have less risk of exposure to contagious diseases, parasites and illness as they are not in close contact with other animals or being house along side other animals while your away.

 - And your pets will recieve individual one to one loving attention!

You can leave your home with the peace of mind knowing that you have left your pet and home in good hands. All this insures a stress free holiday for you and your family

My service is not only available for those pet owners that are going away on holidays but can also be of assistance for circumstances where you are not leaving the home but require assistance in providing the care your pets require.

Other times my Pet Sitting & Dog Walking services may be required include:

 - Unusual working hours

 - Lengthy illness or recovery from an injury

 - Senior citizens that may benifit from my service to provide the care and attention that their loving pets deserve.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you wish to discuss how my Pet Sitting & Dog Walking service may be able to help with the care of your petsPlease follow the link to my contact details for quiries and booking. 



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